Pearly - Timeless Jewellery

Written by Daen Palma Huse

Photography and Styling by Ram Shergill

Hair by Kristopher Smith, Make up by John Christopher, Nails by Kelly Shenton

Model Erica @Select and Dan Hyman @Nevs

“I’ve never thought of jewellery as trophies.

I’m here to take care of it and to love it,

for we are only temporary custodians of beauty.”

Elizabeth Taylor


What the iconic actress with distinctive personality once said about jewellery seems modest considering she owned millions worth of extraordinary diamond and gemstone jewellery. Yet she reminds us of the impact of beauty and personal value that pieces of jewellery can hold for us.

This is what makes jewellery by Pearly so appealing; a genuine nature, a focus on beauty, design and individual character of a piece and owner rather than the impersonal character of mass-produced ready-to-wear pieces.

The enticing elegance of the designer’s pieces lie within their timeless yet outstanding appearance. Pairing classic and vintage inspired elements with craftsmanship and the natural beauty of gemstones and precious metals, we find exclusively handmade pieces in the collection.


The designer behind the collections is Pearl Ng, who has put her effort into creating a label which is inspired by her own cosmopolitan lifestyle having been brought up between Hong Kong, Sydney, San Francisco and New York. Different cultural and stylistic experiences have shaped Pearl’s sensibility for the market as well as her customers. She stresses the importance of a clients’ personality and remarks: "I love making fine jewellery, especially when I create a piece that is meaningful to the wearer." 

Between expensive pieces by large and prestigious jewellery designers on one end and high street products on the other, Pearly offers bespoke jewellery as the ultimate luxury that Pearly design lovers can indulge in – from beautiful pieces that are easy to wear every day to the ones that will draw attention to any woman – or man – that wears them.

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