Out of the Box

When having a look at the wooden sewing box with velvet, silk, leather and paint of Frida Kahlo shown at the Victoria and Albert Museum exhibition in London, we might imagine how some of those intimate moments would have felt together with this famous Mexican artist at her home in Mexico City.

Words in Sight

Globally renown Irish photographer Gillian Hyland stages highly stylized snapshots that voice psychologically compelling narratives. Bridging the realms of visual and written culture, Hyland’s photographs are based on her own poems, written over the past decade.

The Protagonist Exhibition

The Protagonist Magazine launched its 3rd issue and celebrated its long-standing partnerships with Lalique and Contini Art UK with an event of art, fashion, music, friendship, and other inspirations and delights. For this night only, Contini Art UK staged a two men show, which showcased David Begbie sculptures on one side, and on the other, photography by Ram Shergill. The concept of the night was thought out by the creators of the magazine, Daen Palma Huse and Ram Shergill.