Paper Lanterns in Winter


Paper Lanterns in Winter

A Contemplation

Artwork and Text by Emily Vanns


In Chinatown at night the sky looks inky black against multicoloured fluorescent lights. Paper lanterns in bright shades swing softly, casting shadows behind each passerby. The shadows mingle with the dirt of daily life, softening it to painted smudges, distilling the piles of discarded newspapers, coffee cups and waste. Crowds disappear down muddled streets and congregate with friends. Lives discussed over bottles of beer or delicate cups of loose leaf tea. Clouded breath mixing with the heady scents of cigarette smoke, cooked meats and vegetables. Another microcosm nestled amongst the busy throng of London life.

About the artist

Emily Vanns is a fine artist living and working in London. She graduated from Kingston University in 2014 and has since completed an intensive course at the Royal Drawing School in Shoreditch. Emily has had work in a number of group shows and has recently been shortlisted for the Ruskin Drawing Prize 2015. 

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