The Artificial Now


The Artificial Now

New Works by Carolina Mizrahi and Morgan Ward


Written by Anna Beketov


Daniel Raphael Gallery presents The Artificial Now, a powerful and vibrant joint exhibition of new photographic works by renowned artist Carolina Mizrahi, alongside new paintings by abstract artist Morgan Ward.

Brazilian artist Mizrahi showcases celebrated retrospective works placing emphasis on her latest series, while Ward has created a series of new works specifically for the show. The complementary works are thematically linked through their use of colour and construction. The suggestiveness and manner in which both collections are fashioned further lends to the undercurrents of artificiality that runs throughout the show.


To coincide with the release of her latest collection, The Farewell Party, acclaimed artist Carolina Mizrahi has created a series of striking and immersive installations that breathe additional life into these dark and sensual works. Mizrahi’s provocative series The Farewell Party is here translated into a sensory immersive experience, drawing the viewer into a heady, decadent feast of slowly decomposing fruit and carcasses. Mizrahi’s installation seeks to bring to light the power and resonance of female sexuality, providing a still life tableau reminiscent of the Old Masters, brought dramatically into the 21st century. Soft folds of rich fabric clash dramatically with harshly decaying carapaces of insects and sex toys, an evocative memento-mori and suggestive visualisation of la petite mort. Through The Farewell Party, Mizrahi challenges conceptions of femininity, a sublimation of form and an examination of the role of women and sexuality in our modern world.

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Artificial Now runs until 4th of October 2017.

Daniel Raphael Gallery
26 Church Street, London NW8 8EP

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