Night and Day


Night and Day

Grooming to Take You Away...

Photography by Ram Shergill

Still Life Photography by Miles Twist

Make Up by Natasha Lakic using Sisley

Model Ben Jordan at AMCK Models


The most elegant fragrance: LALIQUE Encre Noire À L'Extrême

Lalique has relaunched it's iconic male fragrance Encre Noire À L'Extrême. The matte black minimalist flacon reveals subtle glimpses of the fragrance's woody intensity. With a strong heart of vetiver from both Java and Haiti, Encre Noire À L'Extrêmeexplores a masculinity of contrast. Going from a light head note of bergamot and cypress to a dark and seductive dry-down of sandalwood and patchouli, the fragrance covers a full range of male sensuality. With a simple development in scent, from the luminous opening down to the gloomy heart of it, Encre Noire À L'Extrême really is a journey to the dark and elegant – worth to be taken.



Fancy a professional shave like in the good old days? The Portuguese shaving brand Antiga Barbearia de Bairro provides everything it takes to up the daily barber routine to a stage of luxurious reminiscence. From the bulky yet hydrating shaving soap that turns into a soothing foam once twirled, to the finishing touch with a masculine after shave to be applied onto the skin – coming in a bottle, without a spray mechanism, of course. That is what Antiga Barbearia de Bairro is about. Staying true to the heritage of shaving, and reviving it's rich traditions and rituals. A turn in time, and a beneficial one for the male skin, too. A shave by the old rules as you might only still find it in the barber shops of Ribeira Porto.

The Gentleman's choice: MURDOCK

Nothing makes a good shave like the right brush. When it comes to shaving accessories, one is best of to go with quality and a long tradition of men's grooming experience, like with Murdock London. The Byron Badger Brush by Murdock not only creates a smooth and creamy feel while applying the foam, but the famous badger hair also exfoliates and cleanses the skin at the same time. A unique hand-made product that ensures a fully professional shaving experience. Murdock's colognes Renshaw and Vetiver finish the treatment off with the right fragrance for a man of good taste.

Cleansing and soothing all-round: L:A BRUKET

When ceramics artist Monica Kylen couldn't find a beneficial organic soap for one of her soap dishes, she decided to make one herself. From then on, L:A Bruket evolved to be Sweden's most promising new contribution to natural skin and body care. The brand feature a full range of products from hand soap to bath salt, from foot scrub to body lotion, from beard wax to lip balm. All of them are made of the best of organic ingredients and turn the simple everyday beauty routine into a matter of luxury and pleasure. The shaving cream softens and refreshes the skin, while the face scrub clears the pores and gives a revitalising sheen, thanks to it's organic oils. Product after product, ingredient by ingredient, L:A Bruket is creating innovative beauty treatments that surprise, not only by their intense natural scents. Simple, yet unique, just like the coastal surroundings of it's Swedish heritage.


Food for the skin: AESOP Blue Chamomile Mask and Moroccan Neroli Shaving Duet

A new and modern take on male skincare is what Aésop brings to the beauty table. The Australian brand established itself in the bathroom shelves of both design lovers and grooming professionals. Their range of products thrives to simplify and ease the beauty routine without compromising quality. The Blue Chamomile Facial Hydrating Mask provides the skin with the much needed refreshing and soothing effects after just thirty minutes. The Moroccan Neroli Shaving Serum enhances the daily shaving session with the softening powers of sandalwood and neroli blossom, without creating heavy foam. Afterwards, the Moroccan Neroli Post-Shave Lotion soothes and protects the irritated skin.

Simple and Effective: ROUTINE FOR MEN

Two steps – that's all it takes for the new product line Routine for Men to convince and satisfy. Wrapped in a clean and convenient design, Routine for Men combines both cleansing and soothing products for a full-on facial treatment. The Dual Action Face Wash clears the pores with extracts of vetiver and eucalyptus and leaves the skin refreshed and toned, while the Revitalising Moisturiser hydrates and calms it afterwards with a touch of Aloe Vera. Both products feature natural ingredients and are free of parabens. Just the right routine for the man who likes his grooming session as simple and effortless as possible: One, Two, Done.


Personal all-rounders: BY NIEVES

It really was a matter of the heart when Nieves launched her essential range of beauty products. All natural and made by hand, the brand's name By Nieves says it all: a small and original lot of treats that combine the practical with the luxurious, as they are all multi-functional. The Balm shines both hair and skin and leaves them deeply soothed, while the Cloud of Protection can be used as a body spray as well as room scent, spreading a bit of sparkling magic as essential oils and grape spirits freshen and cleanse the air. By Nieves presents such a unique and special array of beauty treats that you cannot help but treasure.