Harry Richardson


Harry Richardson

A Protagonist in Focus

Photography and Writing by Ram Shergill

Styling and Creative Direction by Daen Palma Huse

Jacket and shirt by Blak Wren archive, bow tie by The Bow Tie

Jacket and shirt by Blak Wren archive, bow tie by The Bow Tie

It is not very often you get to photograph someone who is as handsome as Harry and who you feel will be a great talent of the future. Harry seems to posses a look and demeanour of one of the Hollywood greats such as a young Paul Newman or Robert Redford.

In The Protagonist studio we worked closely with him to decide what he would like to wear for the images, in each image we could collaborate on his character for the particular looks as well as choosing the soundtrack being played while capturing the image. We started to have a conversation about and listened to some of the soundtracks from Franco Zeffirelli films. This set the mood perfectly.

Harry has the quality that I feel most great directors would want in terms of what an actor can do. For instance, I find that working with great talent such as Eddie Redmayne and Dame Judi Dench, they can follow direction and immediately transform their character. This is a quality that I found in Harry on the day.

Harry is an Australian born actor who has trained at RADA as well as at West Australian Academy of Performing Arts in Perth, Australia.

What projects are you currently working on?

Just travelling and learning outside of acting before the next season at the moment.      


 What does the word Protagonist mean to you?

The nucleus character of a narrative… Or a really, really cool magazine.  

How would you say a still photo shoot differs from working on a film and how did you find today’s shoot?

Taking stills I am way more self-conscious and think about the camera too much. Whereas acting on film I am way more focused on the other person and not really thinking about the camera at all. But today’s shoot was super fun and creative – Ram is like a vintage Hollywood director. 

What is your favourite film and why?

The Great Beauty by Paolo Sorrentino. It’s so luxurious, every frame is so opulent and like an artwork and yet the core of the story is simple. I get something different out of it every time. 

Who would you like to work with most and why?

Paul Dano. I think his work is so eclectic and he's such a generous actor while also being mindblowingly creative. Plus he seems like an awesome dude.

What was it like working on the set of Poldark?

It was like a family adventure. The people were so kind and inspiring and it kept me bouncing into work everyday at 5am. 

Is there any director you would like to work with in particular – and why do you admire their qualities?

Martin McDonagh - I think his plays and films are so funny, cutthroat and tight. His rhythms are so fun and his stories kick ass.

What plans do you have for the future?

Plans just get in the way. Anything you can come up with isn't nearly as interesting as what life throws ya!

Harry Richardson is currently starring in the new adaptation of Poldark which is currently showing on BBC1.

Jacket and T-shirt by Diesel

Jacket and T-shirt by Diesel

Jacket and shirt by Blak Wren archive, bow tie by The Bow Tie

Jacket and shirt by Blak Wren archive, bow tie by The Bow Tie

Harry Richardson Ram Shergill Daen Palma Huse 05.jpg
Shirt by Blak Wren archive

Shirt by Blak Wren archive