A set of special photographs by Ram Shergill, creative directed by Daen Palma Huse, will be shown at The Wallace Collection in line with the exhibition talk “Fashion and Power”.

The Protagonist is a leading character, a hero, a heroine.

The Protagonist stands out from the crowd as the most prominent figure.

The Protagonist breaks records to set new ones.

Kick-off 2019-2020

The textile performance artist Harriet Riddell has an eye for the unusual. She documents life in free style stitch and has travelled to work in Kenya, India, China, Switzerland and Sweden. The season 2019-2020 for her and her machine just started and she makes her way towards new projects.

Playing Grown-Ups

The exhibition Mary Quant opened at the Victoria & Albert Museum. In addition to the ubiquitous mini-skirt, Quant created baby-doll dresses, hot pants, and fetish-friendly ‘Wet Collection’ PVC raincoats.

Jean Paul Gaultier: Fashion Freak Show

We enter the universe of Jean Paul Gaultier through a surgeon’s scalpel that cuts into the flesh of his teddy bear in order to fashion it with a cone bustier. One’s dream, another one’s nightmare, whichever it may be – the bear awakens to the year 1978 when Chic released “Le Freak” and starts dancing!

Black: Architecture in Monochrome

“Black is sky so stars can shine
Tiger’s stripes and butterflies
Black is brushed on sparrow’s wings
Black is many things.

Black is writing on a page
Berries sweet and clouds that rain
Black is crying when you sing
Black is anything.”

…sung actress and singer Lena Horne. The book “Black: Architecture in Monochrome” by Phaidon explores architectural masterpieces by some of the most ingenious architects of our time and it invites for a philosophical exploration of “black” and of how we perceive colour, material, space, including inspiring quotes.